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Bright Baubles -- Wishing You A Merry & Bright Christmas
Tidings & Trimmings -- Merry & Bright
Tidings & Trimmings -- Noel
Tidings & Trimmings -- It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Tidings & Trimmings -- May Your Days Be Merry & Bright
Tidings & Trimmings -- Season's Greetings
Tidings & Trimmings -- Merry & Bright
Sweet Strawberry -- Thank You
Beautiful Moments -- Thinking Of You
Beautiful Moments -- Collect Beautiful Moments
Bamboo Beauty -- A True Friend
Bamboo Beauty -- The Bamboo That Bends
Inspired Thoughts -- Thank You So Much
Inspired Thoughts -- Thinking of You
Inspired Thoughts -- Congratulations
Inspired Thoughts -- Thank You So Much
Peaceful Moments -- Happy Birthday
Friends Are Like Seashells -- Happy Birthday
Friends Are Like Seashells -- You Are Unique
Friends Are Like Seashells
Inspired Thoughts -- Thinking Of You
Beauty Of Friendship -- Thinking Of You
Peaceful Moments -- Thank You
Art Gallery -- Just Want To Say
Color & Contour -- So Very Happy For You
Color & Contour -- Here For You Now
Forever Fern -- Hello To A Friend
Waterfront -- Every Little Kindness
Dragonfly Garden -- Thank You For Your Kindness
Butterfly Wishes -- A Sweet Friendship
Geared Up Garage -- Happy Father's Day
A Wish For Everything -- Happy Mother's Day
Butterfly Gala -- Hello Beautiful
So Sentimental -- Healing Hugs
So Sentimental -- Wishing You Much Happiness
Good Morning Magnolia -- Thinking Of You
Good Morning Magnolia -- Enjoy Today
Rooted In Nature -- Thinking Of You
Parcels & Petals -- Thank You Card & Gift Box
Happy Thoughts -- Thinking Of You
Well Said -- Get Well Wishes
My Meadow -- With Love & Sympathy
Hey Chick & Hey Birthday Chick -- Hey, Chick!
A Good Man -- It's Your Day!
Ornate Thanks -- You're Amazing
Ornate Style -- Just A Reminder
Friendly Flamingo - Stand Tall
Quite Curvy -- Hello
Quite Curvy -- Thinking Of You
Four Season Floral -- Thank You